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12 Foolproof Fashion Tips For A Younger-Looking You


They say age is just a number. While there is a bit of reality in such a statement, we cannot deny the fact that the more we age, the older we will look like. Not everyone is blessed with a baby face. Luckily, some things can help us look and feel younger than our actual age.

No – we are not talking about skin care treatments that require you to undergo specific procedures to achieve that youthful glow again. Believe it or not, modifying the way you style and dress can have a significant impact on your appearance.

Here are some of the fool-proof fashion tips guaranteed to make you look young and fresh in no time.

Careful with Your Hair Color of Choice

Hair Color of Choice
Finding the right hue for your fringe is essential for the wrong color may add years to your age instead of the other way around. A color that is too dark or too light for your skin tone can create illusions of fine lines and wrinkles.

Over-highlighting can make it look damaged, thick and dried out. Colors that are too bold and too trendy can look unnatural. Your best bet would be to ask your favorite hairdresser for expert advice.

Find a Good Bra

Just because you don’t put your bra out in public means, you can already wear years old of undies that are a few sizes too big or small for your frame. An ill-fitting bra does not only look cheap and unflattering, but it can also cause pain, discomfort, and lack of support for your lady bumps.

Get a couple of bras professional fitted for you and watch how it can give you an instant boost in confidence and support.

Revamp Your Skincare and Makeup Routine

Makeup Routine

Moisturize and cleanse your face every day, and make sure not to skip the sunscreen. When it comes to makeup, a liquid concealer will help conceal the imperfections away like dark spots and fine lines.

Use a yellowish foundation and apply using a damp sponge. Stick to lipsticks that are in between the shade of your lips and a berry shade.

Invest in Delicate Jewelry

The key in wearing accessories that won’t drag your outfit down the drain is by sticking to find pieces of jewelry. Be bold and daring by wearing an interesting necklace over your simple t-shirt and jeans, and skip your big earrings while you’re at it.

A nice stud earring works best with layered necklaces. Not a fan of chains? Wear a cute dangler or some thin rings for subtle accessorizing.


Wear Ankle Boots and Wedges

Ankle Boots

Not all of us are fans of sky-high stilettos as well as super flat shoes. So, why not go in between and get yourself a couple of comfortable shoes that won’t give you eyesore? Go for wedges that have heels you are comfortable in height and any pair of cool ankle boots that can give any outfit that much needed oomph.

Get Yourself A good Black Blazer

Blazers look great with almost any outfit there is, so make sure to have one handy in your closet. You can pair a black blazer with a lovely dress, top, and jeans and even wear it from the office up to parties. Choose a single-breasted blazer in matte black or leather for the full youthful effect.

Wear Shoulder-Baring Clothes

Baring Clothes

To look young and fresh in an instant, go on and reveal your shoulders. Find age-appropriate tops or dresses and be sure to wear the perfect bra while you’re at it. Need some tips on how to rock this look? Doing simple exercises that don’t involve heavy lifting is the ideal solution.

Mid-Rise Slim Jeans can Perk Up your Butt

Our bottoms are not safe from the sagging of your skin thanks to the loss of elasticity as we age. By wearing jeans that gives that much-needed lift and support, we can create an illusion of better-shaped butt minus the sagging tushies.

Add a Pop of Color when Sporting the Color Black

Color Black

In general, black is figure-trimming and one of the most appropriate color choice concerning clothes. However, it can have a different effect on some people. For instance, if your skin color is super light or pale, the dark contrast can emphasize wrinkles and dark shadows under your eyes. When wearing black, add a pop of color by wearing a bright scarf or necklace.

Go for Turtlenecks to Direct Focus on Your Face

Our midsection will accumulate and accommodate fats as we grow old. If your aim for people to focus on your face instead of your waistline and tummy area, wearing a turtleneck the right ways the way to go. Not a fan of turtlenecks? Go for a shawl collar which reverts focus on your neck and chest area.

Don’t be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Some Skin

So what if you’re no longer in your 20s or 30s? An additional number on your age doesn’t necessarily mean you’re no longer allowed to wear pieces that show off some skin. Show off your gorgeous legs, and if you’re feeling extra conscious, there are lots of things you can do to cover up imperfections like dry skin and visible veins.

Never Hide Your Assets

Got beautiful shoulders, long legs that go on forever, a tiny waist or nice lady bumps hiding behind those ill-fitted granny clothes? Well, don’t cover them up and let the world know about your treasures! Covering up yourself in oversized garments are not-so-flattering.

Studies even suggest that donning baggy get-ups can make you look a lot older than your real age. Wear form-fitting clothes that give you just the right amount of room to breathe, a smile also and you’ll be surprised how young you’d look instantly.

Not convinced that these fashion tips are guaranteed to make you look and feel young and fresh in a jiffy? Trying them out won’t do you any harm, and a little effort goes a long way. So, make sure to check out this list and watch how youthful you can get just by following these simple and easy steps.