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7 Fashion Trends We Wish We’d Never Tried!


Fashion regrets may be as short-lived in your head as the collection of H&M is on the racks, but a year-end does make us look back at our choice of trends nevertheless. We end up trying a lot of fashion trends just because we want to be stylishly forward. Ask yourself, there must be at least one fashion trend you wish you hadn’t tried. Scroll down to find out which are those trends for the POPxo team.

7 Fashion Trends We Wish We'd Never Tried!

1The Low-Waist Jeans

Bending down to tie my shoelaces! Yes, that was the biggest struggle from my low-waist jeans days, and you know why! However trending they were at that time, I hated the fact that my butt-crack was at the liberty of a peek-a-boo whenever it wanted. Thank our fascination with the 70’s for the high-rise bottoms have made a comeback to this season’s trends. World peace is now restored!