The entertainment and showbiz world is always welcoming new talents and gorgeous actresses of every origin! Of special note are the Mexican ladies that have made their presence felt in the silver screen by essaying some of the best characters and glamorous roles. Mexican women are known for their evocative beauty, amicable personality, stunning body language, mesmerising looks and a diva like aura that impresses everyone!

Over the years there have been many Mexican ladies that have stunned the movie buffs with their looks and performance and some of them created a name for themselves as well. Talking of the Mexican beauties there are plenty that can be named! However, these are the top 10 most beautiful Mexican actresses in 2018 for their looks as well as talent.

1Fernanda Romero

Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses

Known for her popular works like The Eye and Eternamentetuya, Fernanda Romero as she is popularly called was born on January 1st, 1983. She started her career through singing as she had joined in the BMG recording group. Her looks attracted people more and that caused her debuts in acting world. When she was 18 the Mexican beauty started featuring in ad promotions and soon started her career in acting with Control.